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How is a sauna different to a steam room? - While a sauna offers dry heat and is usually made of wood, a steam room offers wet heat and is usually tiled and tightly sealed to keep the steam in. It's just a different kind of experience. But if you like the idea of both and have the luxury of enough space in your home, then you could have a sauna and steam room built side by side and get the best of both worlds

This innovative home addition brings recreation to a new level. Building a steam room can improve your overall health while increasing your general happiness. Steam rooms have been popular since the god- and goddess-fearing days of ancient Rome. Nowadays you don't need to own a toga to experience this form of relaxation. Steam rooms can be affordable and constructed virtually anywhere. You can even buy a portable unit if you don't want to dedicate a room in your home for this use — or build a room for your steam room.

Benefits of a steam room: These days, stress is as common as a cold. While there are many ways to relax, a steam room provides a quick and clean way to escape daily life and re-energize. Apart from making you feel good, a long stay in the steam can reduce the amount of toxins in your body by about 30 percent, which makes it an effective detox solution. In addition, the high moisture and heat can relieve sinus congestion, improve blood circulation by widening capillaries and boost your immune system. Steam baths are also known to clear skin and ease muscle and joint pain.

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