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My family and I would like to say Thank you to A&E Brothers for such a tremendously great job done. We are in love with our new kitchen and it has become the best hang out spot for my children and friends. You created a bigger space for me to cook and now I can't wait to start dinner every night! We recommend you guys highly to anyone. - ROMANO – 2.2016

We are so pleased with A&E Brothers. Besides being so proficient they went the extra mile to make sure we were involved and satisfied with every choice that was made. The crew was so hard working and did everything in a timely manner. We would recommend this company to all those who need their homes remodeled. By the time the project finished I had such a great bond with this company that we'll always stay in touch. - RICHARD – 07.2015

Originally we had consulted with A&E Brothers on a simple bathroom renovation. When they had come to our home to take a look, and give us an estimate we got off topic and started talking about our kitchen, living room and master bedroom. What had started out as a simple bathroom remodeling job, turned into creating the home we always wanted. The owner had great ideas and we trusted him with our home. We love our home and we're thankful for the hard work that was put into creating the perfect home. - JOE – 06.2014

My husband and I just want to give a big thank for the astounding job you did on our kitchen. We know it was a difficult job, but you did it with such understanding. We know how hard you and your staff worked and we are so impressed with the outcome. If we ever need any more work done in the future, we will without a doubt turn to A&E Brothers for the job. - JOHN – 5.2014

We loved having A&E Brothers work on our home. It was almost as if they were working on their own and every choice that was made was brought to our attention first. Every question we had was thoroughly explained and we loved how they included us in every aspect of the job. I would recommend them to anyone. - LUIS – 4.2013

They were an exceptionally professional business that operated in a timely fashion. From the first free estimate they provided, to customer service, merchandise knowledge and choice, to the installation, A&E Brothers exceeded all expectations. I would highly recommend A&E Brothers to anyone! - DAVID – 10.2013

We are so grateful that we found A&E Brothers to renovate our new Condo. If you saw before and after photos you wouldn't believe it was the same place! They really did a 360 on our condo and we couldn't be happier with the results. - VLAD – 9.2013

We could not be happier with the wonderful work done by A&E Brothers. Our house takes our breath away as well as anyone that comes over. We now have holidays by us and we are so proud to show off our home. It was a genuine pleasure working with the team A&E Brothers has. We don't know how we could ever put in to words the gratitude we have for the hard work you guys did. - JACK – 8.2012

We had heard about A&E Brothers from a friend of ours, they had renovated their kitchen. The work was amazing, so we decided to give them a call. The owner came by and we asked him what he thought needed to be done for our bathroom, basement and kitchen. We loved everything he came up with and the estimate was worth the work being done. The outcome is amazing. I love my home even more than before. Our kids are excited to bring friends over because now they a bigger space to play. We are absolutely happy with everything. - SAMMY – 04.2012

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