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Armen Sargsyan, a native from Armenia and Licensed Contractor, founded A&E Brothers LTD in 2005. Within this time he vowed to give his business his all. Since day one he has based his company on client loyalty. He specializes in upscale residential remodeling and office remodeling. His customers always come first; they get one on one treatment with Armen and his dedicated team.

A&E Brothers is part of the Building Trades Association, and has received many Reviews from previous clients about the type of work Armen completes. Although we specialize in residential / office renovations, we always look into new projects with an open mind. At A&E Brothers we offer a wide variety of services from interior to exterior work. The diverse members of our staff specialize in different fields of construction as well as home / office renovations. We always offer a free estimate and send the most experienced person in each field to the desired job site.

The owner Armen Sargsyan makes multiple visits and insists on being hands on when it comes to his projects. During any job we take on the proper protective materials such as Plastic Paper, Drop Cloths, ECT are used during the duration of any job. These materials we provide are used to protect all floors, windows, walls and to help minimize the amount of dust and debris spreading from the work area. A&E Brother's employees always leave the job site clean for you to continue residing in your home or office if need be. With taking these necessary steps and precautions leave you with no damages.


Aandebrothersny.com provides the best solutions for all customers. Whether you are renovating or remodeling your home, apartment, condo, or office we work with you to provide the best possible models in 3D format for you to vision before you approve at no cost.

We are different because we work directly with each client, meeting with them as frequently as possible to secure them with thoughts of knowing their home or offices are in good hands. The owner personally meets with each cliental visiting job sites and working with them to build up strong functioning relationships with them. Our staff will be able to provide you with endless possibilities to help you envision the outcome from both an economic and practical standpoint.

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