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Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Doing research on countertop materials? If so, then A&E Brothers LTD will help you. Today we start with the most popular countertop material: granite.

Material: Granite

Finish types: Polished, sandblasted, brushed, flamed.

Origin: Granite is a igneous rock that contains at least 20% quartz by volume, but also some mica and feldspar. It's mined from around the world, including quarries in India, Brazil, Norway, Italy and China. The largest granite quarry in the Unites States is located near Barre, Vermont.

Environmental Impact: Medium. Granite is durable and recyclable, but it requires large amounts of energy for transport, and mining is very resource intensive.

Pros: Each slab is unique, hard, durable, scratch-resistant, impervious to stains, heat, and water when sealed, relatively easy to clean, comes in all colors, still highly covetable with an even higher resale value.

Cons: Expensive, heavy, needs annual resealing, ubiquitous, "granite fatigue."

Installation: and its professional team are the best at installations no task to big to handle.

Price range: $45-$400 per square foot. Varies depending on stone rarity, thickness, origin, and manufacturing labor. Price often does not include installation, resealing, edge details, templating, and special finishes. A&E Brothers LTD provides free quotes and on site overview.

Services provides the best solutions for all customers. Whether you are renovating or remodeling your home, apartment, condo, or office we work with you to provide the best possible models in 3D format for you to vision before you approve at no cost.

We are different because we work directly with each client, meeting with them as frequently as possible to secure them with thoughts of knowing their home or offices are in good hands. The owner personally meets with each cliental visiting job sites and working with them to build up strong functioning relationships with them. Our staff will be able to provide you with endless possibilities to help you envision the outcome from both an economic and practical standpoint.

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