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The beauty of rebuilding and remodeling of your pool room its fun and exciting at the same time thats why you are hiring aandebrothersny.com for the services. The American home is evolving to reflect lifestyle changes. During the past 50 years, living room use has declined, replaced initially by the traditional family room. Living room size has declined and, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) one-third of the homes built in 1999 have no living room at all. A consumer preference survey indicates that a person's willingness to buy a home without a living room increases with household income and price they expect to pay.

The family room has evolved into the game room or great room, the new place to gather with friends and family. No longer relegated to the basement as a piece of sports equipment, the pool table has moved upstairs to become the game room centerpiece, matching and even enhancing the décor. The ideal game room reflects the interests of the owner, and the options for layout and style are endless.

Since you are starting "from scratch," make the room fit the pool table, not vice versa. The number-one problem is putting a table in a room that is too small. This reduces the enjoyment of the table and poses problems when the table is delivered. A pool table is a decorative as well as recreational investment, when designing a game room, think of how to get the table into the house. Tables come apart, but to eliminate the risk of damage, have your builder design wider stairwells and hallways." The size of your game room should be at least 13 by 16 feet to accommodate a 7-foot table, 13 1/2 by 17 feet for an 8-foot table and 14 by 18 feet for a 9-foot table.

Make sure you ask aandebrothersny how the game room will be used. For instance, a support pole in the middle of the room would cramp your style. Modern construction and engineering techniques eliminate the need for support poles, which leaves room for wide-open spaces.

Consider Room Use: Think about how you entertain when working on your design: large groups or small gatherings? Adults, teens, kids or multi-generation? Planned activities or do-as-you-please? Consider components such as: food and drink serving area, game tables, such as a pool table, audio visual needs and conversation areas.

Determine Layout: Do you like your game table to have a view of the television or do you want it separated? The trend today is to combine all aspects into one room. Leave at least five feet of open space around the pool table for the enjoyment and safety of players and spectators.

Make a Design Statement: A custom or semi-custom home gives you a chance to indulge your passions. Display your hobbies, reveal your alter ego or show your whimsical side. Billiard-themed furniture, wall hangings and knick-knacks are available on-line or at a local billiard retailer.

Let There Be Light: Provide for adequate wiring in the ceiling for proper lighting above the table.

Provide Adequate Access: Make room to transport the pool table, other game tables, audiovisual equipment, a bar and spectator chairs into the game room.

Check the Priorities: Whether your floor covering plans are shagadelic or hard surface, the flooring surface does not affect leveling the table. The professional pool table retailer knows how to transport, assemble and install your table. When purchasing a table, ask about the quality of the installation team as well as the quality of the table.

Protect Your Investment from the Elements: Planning a game room with a view? Consider sun-resistant windows, as direct sunlight will affect the fabric and wood of a pool table. Allow for proper internal climate control to avoid excessive moisture or dryness.


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